Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More "Grand" Fun

Saturday morning, after sleeping all night without us in the bed with them (yahoo!!), we got up and headed to the lake.  We stopped to pick up breakfast on the way and the kids enjoyed their pancake breakfast picnic.
While Ron biked and swam, we had a nature scavenger hunt

then headed into the water.

Michael found a frog, so we had to find some sort of container for it----which soon became a frog sand castle.

There was a group from an Hispanic church that was having a celebration of baptism in the lake---pretty cool to see them in their white gowns with family wading in the water nearby.

Then, we played in the water.

We took a break to eat the snacks twe prepared the night before.

Then Ron joined us for some water fun in the deeper water.  I don't have any pictures because it took both of us treading water to keep up with these two, but they had so much fun jumping off of the floating platform---M turning flips and A jumping to me (with life vests on both of them).
After a picnic lunch and then played some more.

(Sorry so blurry, but A needed her skills spotlighted, too. )
I wanted a photo of all of us, so I moved everyone up to near the beach.  After I set the timer, I attempted to run into the water to join them---however it turned out to be a very ungraceful run into the water----its' really hard to run through a muddy lake bed!

We stopped at the Cypress Black Bayou Zoo on our way out of the park.

All of the animals living there are native to our area and are being treated or rehabilitated in some way.  Some were brought to the center as abandoned babies.

Others are there because of injuries such as broken wings.

This one is for Dan:

The kids were able to pet a baby Vulture.

By the time we got home, everyone was pretty wiped out.  I carried the kids in and Ron ended up on the couch as well.

Someone had to stay up and get things ready for supper---wonder who that was?!?!
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