Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A "Grand" Time

It's Tuesday and I've spent the last two days relaxing and doing a smidgen of housework to get the house back into shape.  This weekend, the grand kids came.  Alone. Without their parents.  And can I tell you that we had such a great time together!!   It was Carmelle's birthday, and with both parents in school full-time, they needed a break.  I met them in Tyler on Friday for the grand kid "hand-off" and headed back home with A and M happily enjoying the magnetic toys I'd brought for them.

As soon as we got home, they raced to the backyard with Emmi to see what was the same and what was different from the last time they were here (April).   I showed them the figs that are beginning to ripen in the back corner of the yard.

They even popped one in their mouths after first checking to be sure it was okay to eat them.

 And they LIKED them!!

After a demonstration of which were ripe and which weren't, the picking commenced.

Until we had a bucket full.  (to the right is what M believes was part of a nest that he needed to repair).

M attempted to build a new nest from the old and placed it in a tree to help out the birds.

Next up was giving Emmi a bath.  She is in desperate need of grooming, but until I can schedule that, a good bath and tooth brushing would help a bunch.

After Ron got home, they first took Papaw outside to show him the nest

and then we headed downtown to join some friends for dinner.  The kids were really well-behaved while at the restaurant and afterwards, we walked down to the fountains to cool off.

What hams they are!!

They had such fun running in and out of the water.

Until A fell.  But, Papaw was able to cuddle her long enough to help her forget the bruising

and she was soon back in the middle of the water.

M enjoyed leaping over the fountains.

We left when we heard thunder and spied some lightening nearby, despite the fairly clear skies---no use taking a chance on things like electricity.
At home, the kids got in the pajamas and settled down for a movie.  One last activity that I saw on Pinterest:
the kids strung snacks on a string to take with them to the lake the next day.  (Papaw had his own personal bag of chocolate pretzels)

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JJB said...

Oh looks like so much fun! And, reminds me so much of our own visits with the grandparents!! [It's interesting to look back at those memories with an adult perspective!] Also, love the idea of snack prep... have to remember that one!

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