Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Grand Weekend - Finale

I never finished posting the last few photos from our weekend with the "grands".  Sunday morning, Ron and the kids met me at church and after that we ate a quick lunch, packed up and headed back to Tyler.  We met up with Carmelle and Chad at the Caldwell Zoo.   It's been years since I'd been to the zoo (we used to go regularly when my parents had a lake house nearby), so I was happy to see that it still lived up to my happy memories!   It was SOOO hot,.  The kids didn't seem to notice much, but we adults sure did!

There was plenty of wildlife outside of the cages, as well.

We stopped for a rest and drink---did I mention is was H.O.T.?!?!

Most of the animals were lazing around in the shade.
But, not the tortoises----they were fighting!  I never really thought about tortoises fighting before.

Ahh, love these little guys.  No fighting for them!

So cute, tucked away in their rocks.

I could have stood and watched this bird for hours---

Look at the intricacy of weaving he does for a nest.  Amazing!!  In fact, how in the world can you watch something like that and still believe that nature is a coincidence?   God had to have a hand in developing this creature's instinct for sure!!

We rushed around at the closing of the zoo, sneaking in a quick visit to the snake house for M.  Before going our separate ways, we met at a restaurant to celebrate Carmelle's birthday together.  She loved the gift that the kids made for her this weekend. . .

as well as the book altered book that I completed.

We had a great time with the grand kids and I look forward to doing it again sometime---although I had to allow myself some time to recover first!!  ;-)   It was fun making memories together!
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