Friday, July 5, 2013

I Caught The BIg One

One of our favorite days of the weekend was Saturday.  We slept in really late, then made several stops to purchase bug spray (those flies were vicious!!),explore ideas for a rolling kayak cart and to look for one more kayak we could purchase for Tyler to use.  We didn't have any luck with finding a used boat, so we're keeping our eyes open around here.  Late in the afternoon, we went up to Broken Bow Lake to fish for a while

before putting our kayaks into the lake, renting one for Tyler to use.

We finally ended up going back to the river late in the evening

With the area all to ourselves, we fished there until dark.

Ron and Tyler caught several trout, while I enjoyed the beautiful sunset and watching the two of them out in the water.

It was so dark when we left, we had to use the flashlight on my phone to show us the trail.  Fireflies were flitting everywhere, making the whole night feel extra-special.  The sky was clear and at Tyler's suggestion, we decided to go back to Beaver's Bend to watch the stars from atop the dam.  It was awesome!!!  Completely black except for a star-filled sky!!!  I don't remember ever seeing so many stars.  After craning our necks for a while, we ended up laying beach towels down in the parking lot at the top of the dam and all laying down to watch the stars.  It was wonderful!!

Sunday, we decided we should put our Arkansas licenses to use, so we drove to Lake DeQueen for a while.  I spotted a little fawn on the way there.

The lake was really quiet and we stayed there as long as we could before heading home.

I talked Ron into driving back down the Sunflower Trail again so that I could cut a few from the fields.

We all ended up enjoying it, actually and a lady stopped and offered to take our picture while we were there.

We had such a good time on this trip.  While a spur of the moment decision, the fishing ended up being so fun,

and eventually, all of us reeled in a big one---they were drum fish, known around here as "Gou" or "Gasper Gou".

But, I caught the biggest one!!

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A FINE MESS said...

Love all your photos, especially the sunflowers! Gorgeous!

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