Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yesterday, after I read a book to one of the classes at a local daycare, I flipped back through the book as I asked various comprehension questions. "Why is he running?", "Where do you think he's going?", etc., etc. Daulton raised his hand and told me "It's a girl, Miss Linda---she has eyelashes." Knowing the story was about a boy, I explained to Daulton (and the rest of the class) that everyone has eyelashes, both boys AND girls. One thing led to another and soon I was explaining why we have eyelashes and everyone began looking at each other's eyelashes. After another child noticed that Braxton had brown eyelashes, just like his brown hair, I went on to explain that eyelashes are actually hair and are usually the same color as the hair on the person's head. "Bailey has blonde hair and blonde eyelashes, Yu Ting has black hair and black eyelashes."

Everyone seemed satisfied with the explanation and we moved on to another book.
After reading a few pages, Henry raised his hand. When I called on him he inquired, "Miss Linda, why do you have white hair and your eyelashes are black?"

Well, Henry an even better question might be, "Why does Miss Linda already have white hair?"

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