Friday, February 25, 2011


I was afraid it was true, but then it was confirmed this morning when I went to the doctor. That weird "raw" feeling I'd been having around my mid-section is indeed "Shingles"! Ugh! I caught it early enough that I can begin the antiviral medications that sometimes help the duration and so far it's more of a uncomfortable feeling than true pain, but my routine is going to be totally shook up for the next 7-10 days. I can't be around anyone that hasn't had chicken pox, or pregnant women. That pretty much takes me out of work since I'm a preschool teacher. Unfortunately, that also means I can't make the trip down to Cheneyville to visit Dan for his birthday. What a bummer! Callie and Jordan have offered to go in my place---thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Since it looks like I'll be hanging out around the house for a while, I stopped by Barnes & Noble after the pharmacy to pick out some new reading material and inspiration.
From Mommy's Treasures

I can't wait to look through the pages and enjoy the creativity. Maybe being at home won't be too bad after all.
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JJB said...

what a bummer for you too! sorry i didnt even ask about that on the phone. does that mean no work for you?

Linda said...

I don't know how blogger posted the 2 previous posts---without the body itself---but the fact that it did certainly seems to sum up the day for myself and others, too. :-)

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