Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pier One Knock-Off

Today we had another snow day----especially crazy since there's been absolutely no snow and very little sleet. They canceled school yesterday evening when the forecast looked pretty dismal, but as is often the case for Louisiana weather, the storm moved north of us and left us with rain and dropping temperatures. Not that I'm complaining! It's been great to have another day off.

This day off gave me the chance to complete a little project I started last weekend. Over on Knock-Off Decor I saw DIY Maven's knock-off of this photo frame from Pier One.

(source: Pier One)

After school one day last week, I stopped by Pier One to take a look at the frame in person. For $28, the price wasn't too bad, but the white or black color choices weren't exactly what I was looking for and I really needed it to be horizontal rather than vertical.

Instead I decided to make my own, just like DIY Maven did. She offered a great tutorial on her site and I used it as a guide, modifying it a bit to fit my needs. I spray-painted a shiny frame that I had on hand,, along with mini clothespins and small eye hooks.

After carefully measuring the space, I screwed small eye hooks into the edge of frame at equally spaced intervals. I ended up making a 6-space frame instead of 9.

Next I cut a piece of wire a couple of inches longer than the distance across and attached one end of the wire to an eye hook. I threaded clothespins onto the wire and attached the other end to the opposite eye hook, keeping it as taut as possible. Unfortunately, several of the hooks broke off as I put the wire through them and I had to re-do them with new hooks.

Here it is, completed and hanging in my living room with a few photos. I think it will be fun to change out the pictures from time to time and perhaps add other pieces of memorabilia such as tickets, etc.

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