Saturday, February 5, 2011

One More Day Of Snow

This morning I peeked outside to see if the snow was still there. I mean, the temps were down in the 20's, so I knew it hadn't melted, but for some reason I needed to see it once again. And now, with the morning sun shining, it glistened and sparkled like sugar crystals.

The snow was hard and really slick, but the footprints from yesterday's mail delivery were still there,

as was the snow in the bird feeder

on the tire swing

and in the bird bath.

By noon, the temperatures had reached above freezing and water dripped from every overhang. The roads once again became busy and the snow became dirty slush against the curbs.

There is still a bit of snow left in the shade,

but, by tomorrow afternoon, it is sure to be all gone.
Until next time . . . .

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