Saturday, February 19, 2011


I love summer----vacations with family, sundresses and shorts.
I love fall----the change of colors, the coolness in the air, the crunch of leaves under my feet.
I love winter, too----warm sweaters, fires in the fireplace, the anticipation of snow flurries.
But, in those final days of winter, when we get a glimpse of spring, I find myself anxious for the green grass, budding trees and birds building nests overhead.

The last few days have been like that. The temperatures have been mild and we've had some beautiful blue skies to go with them. Yesterday afternoon after work, I spent a couple of hours just sitting outside in the backyard with Emmi. She was in heaven watching the birds, chasing squirrels and lazing in the grass.

Birds were everywhere---blackbirds, sparrows, mourning doves and even robins.

I always have so many things on my "to do list", that I rarely take the time to do nothing. It makes me realize that I need more of this----time to sit still, relax and recharge---where my only purpose is to appreciate the wonders of this world.
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