Monday, July 20, 2009

DIY Snack

This evening, when I got home about 8:15, my stomach was growling and I was craving popcorn. Anyone that knows me, knows that popcorn is my favorite snack in the whole world. Unfortunately, I remembered that I was completely out of microwave popcorn. I decided to search the cabinet over my pantry just in case there was a bag tucked away back there somewhere. No luck.

However, in the very back,
I rediscovered a jar of regular popcorn hidden away from who knows when. There wasn't much left, but I recalled reading a post from Jerusalem, of My Little Life, about making your own microwave popcorn and decided to try it. I poured the little bit of popcorn left in the jar into a brown lunch bag, sprayed it with a little Canola oil spray and sprinkled a touch of salt before shaking it to mix it up. I folded down the top of and put a piece of tape on to keep it closed. Then, into the microwave it went. I set the timer for 5 minutes, but then listened for the "pops" to slow to stop it (about 2.5 min.).After I took out the bag I made sure to shake it up before opening it to help prevent it from burning.
Mmmmm! I gave it one more spritz of oil and a little bit more salt and both Emmi and I were happy with our yummy, low-fat treat!
Note to self: next grocery trip, buy more regular popping corn.
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