Saturday, July 18, 2009

As I mentioned in a previous post, we spent part of the day at the Atlanta Zoo last Saturday. It turned out to be lots of fun---very hot, but fun. The animals were great---here are a few of my favorites.

Among the first animals we saw were the meerkats. While some rested in the shade of their houses, this little guy was perched on top of a log, watching everyone that came by.
The Crowned Crane that was in the Zebra cage was so interesting, but had an injured wing.The lions were all resting out in the sun. . . .. . . and the otters swam and played in the water (I could watch them all day)!
In the Aviary, there were birds of all colors. As we watched them down below, this Pterodactyl-looking thing suddenly came flying up straight towards me. I ducked as he perched with a stick on the railing right beside me. He then flew straight to his nest to finish construction.The red panda was so cute---he looked all cuddly sitting up in a tree.While he definitely isn't cute OR cuddly, this snake caught my eye in the reptile house.This gorilla seemed to be reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously . . .. . .while this kangaroo seemed none too happy about the crowds that were watching him, or maybe it was the heat. Personally, I think his friend had the right idea---kick back and relax!
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