Monday, August 4, 2008

Where Are You, Buddy??

FOR ADOPTION: One large, yellow Lab. One and half years old. Has been to some obedience training. Playful. Loves to dig under fences, squeeze through gates and fences and run through the neighborhood. Does NOT come when called and dodges you with a smirk on his face when you try to catch him.

Quick, while Carol and Ron are still away---doesn't anyone want to take Buddy?? I offered to watch Buddy and his playmate, Spanky while they are out of town for a wedding. Spanky stays put, but so far, Buddy has managed to get out of the fence almost every morning and dash through the neighborhood as I try to catch him. He's out again---right now---and I haven't been able to grab his collar or lure him inside yet. Each time I have put him back in the fence, I've found the spot where he has escaped and carefully pulled large pieces of iron or wood into the holes, thinking that this time I had him penned in. Then, this morning, I find he has dug out once again! How does such a big dog squeeze through such a small space under the fence??? Surely, this will be the last time. . . . How many days until they get home??
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