Saturday, August 16, 2008


Hey---wanna play?? You do the same on your blog!

10 years ago?
Beginning a new job as an itinerant preschool inclusion teacher and raising 2 daughters alone--one was starting middle school and one was starting high school--juggling church, school, work, dance classes, violin classes and (although they probably have little memory of this) cooking for them in the evenings.

9 favorite things?
Family, pansies, hummingbirds, photos, mountains, fibers (paper, fabric, etc.), Buttons, puppies, babies.

8 favorite foods?
Shrimp, popcorn, potatoes, granola, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, pralines, fresh spinach, home-grown tomatoes

7 favorite places I've been?
Colorado, Vermont, Montana, Wyoming, California, Mexico, North Carolina

6 things I need to do?
Clean up the living room, Paint my bedroom, Take painting lessons, Rock babies, Read the entire Bible, read most any book all the way through!

5 years from now?
Teaching preschool inclusion, have traveled abroad, traveling to visit daughters and their families, Have a clean house!!

4 things to do if I had lots of money?
Set up college funds for my future grandchildren, pay off my house, set up community center at my church for neighborhood kids and adults, travel

3 favorite colors?
Blue, Aqua, Yellow

2 favorite hobbies?
Sewing, Scrapbooking, antique shopping

1 favorite part of your house?
My overstuffed chair.
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