Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sawing ZZZZ's

"Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week." -- Joseph Addison

It's Sunday and I just got up from a refreshing afternoon nap. What a great thing Sunday naps are!!! I haven't had one in months for some reason, so when I got home this afternoon and lay down, it was especially nice. When my girls were little, they came to expect that after church it was time to play quietly in their rooms while I turned off the phone in my room and lay down for one hour of rest. Somehow that brief respite gave me the energy to face the upcoming week.

And now that another week has begun, it is time for a new color in the Shades of Inspiration photo challenge. I've only been participating for a short time, but I like the way these challenges make me aware of things around me. When I'm in the house or taking a walk outside, I seem to tune in better when I have something specific to keep my eyes out for.

This week's color: Rust (how great is that quote above!)----The photos can include the color or things that are in a rusty state, so stay tuned for more photos this week.

And, look at this cute, linen purse--------and it's being featured in a "give-away"!! Pick me, pick me!!
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