Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top Dog

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Emmi! Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Graduation!
Emmi's birthday is today---she is one year old. And tonight, we had Obedience School graduation. She's learned quite a lot (as has her master) and contrary to what I would have thought a few weeks ago----she passed!!!! And in fact, she came in 2nd place---Top Dog went to a pit bull named Angel. And her friend down the street, Buddy, came in 3rd place!!! Who would have thought?!?!! Okay, maybe I should mention that there were only 3 dogs that made it to this last class. And that perhaps the judge was extra lenient with Emmi's "excitement". We've had fun and it has definitely been a good thing for both she and I. It can be kind of frustrating to have a hyper little puppy under foot all the time. In addition to the the fact that she puts everything in her mouth and she pulled wallpaper off my walls in the kitchen at first, it seemed like it took a while to house-train her and she barks incessantly when the phone rings and I pick it up to talk. When she sees people, she gets so excited that she can't keep from jumping and wiggling and sniffing (which is actually kind of embarrassing if you are introducing her to a date that you have). But, at night, when she has calmed down and she runs to her little "crate" and comes back with her favorite stuffed animal, it makes me smile and I'm so glad to have her company! And when she curls up in my lap and falls asleep so sweetly, I'm sure that she's definitely "top dog" to me!
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JJB said...

happy birthday and congratulations, my dear emmi!!

"...introducing her to a date..."--what, what??

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