Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too Much Food

"Food is an important part of a balanced diet." ---Fran Lebowitz

A couple of months ago, my good friend Pam and I decided to try out one of the new businesses in town where you can prepare dinners to go. After researching a couple online, we settled on The Dinner Station that is not far from work/home and had the most interesting menu. We scheduled our first night of making meals and had such fun, that we signed up to do it again the next month.

Last month, there was a local church there with us who does this as a "party" each month--to earn points. Our attendance helped them earn extra points for them and for us! We've had such fun doing it and hopefully I'm beginning to eat a little healthier--certainly there have been less meals of fast food since I began.

But, I've learned that the minimum number of meals really is just too much food for me. Each of my meals feeds 3 people and since there is only one of me, I usually eat it for several days. Granted, this month had some interruptions, with days spent away from home due to no A/C, but still it is just a little too much food. So, this next month, I'm going to send a few of the meals home with Callie and Jordan.

Now, I have to choose which ones I can part with . . . .
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