Saturday, January 21, 2017

This Little Light Of Mine

Rather than making a New Year's resolution, each year I choose a word to focus on.    2010 was the first year I tried this and I loved it so much that I've continued the practice.  I like that instead of focusing on one particular behavior, choosing a word allows me to find many different areas of my life in which that word can be beneficial.  In years past, I have chosen RISK (2010), PURPOSE (2011), OPEN (2012), BEGINNING (2013), GROW (2014), HOME (2015), and BREATHE (2016).
In choosing the word, I spend some time thinking about what kinds of things I want to accomplish during the upcoming year and what areas, I need to work on. This time, towards the end of December, I was pretty sure what my word would be for 2017. I had thought of it several months earlier and I even liked the way it sounded when I said it. In preparation for the new year, I decided to jot down some notes about my word. I gathered my planner, a pencil and me new devotional book to use as a desk and set to work.
First, I wrote down some of my big goals for the year and then other smaller things I'd like to work on. I used word and snippets of sentences as I brainstormed. Suddenly, looking over my paper, I noticed that they all seemed to have some things in common. I tried to make them fit the word I'd chosen, but they just didn't fit. As I shifted the pile of things in my lap to be more comfortable in this uncomfortable situation, I glanced at my new devotional book and it hit me.  The word I was supposed to choose had been right there in front of me all the time.   LIGHT!
In 2017, I hope to look at "light" in a more intentional way. Not only do I want to look for the light, I want to actually BE the light and to USE the light in new and fresh ways. I hope to look at light through my camera lens, in my painting, decorating, cooking, finances and in my home organization.
Having a word like this helps me bring more purpose to everyday activities and generally helps me with follow-through of projects I plan. Have you made a resolution or chosen a word for this year?  It's not too late.
If you want a way to keep your word on your mind throughout the year, I recommend the "One Little Word" class, offered by Ali Edwards. I've done it in past years and gained so much from it. Even though I am not officially participating this year, I have already done some of the exercises on my own and found them very helpful.

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