Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It Feels Like Winter . . . or Fall?

Yesterday, the boys came over for a little while so that Callie could deal with a pet emergency. Ron had just gotten home from work, much to Toddler D's delight, and was sweeping the driveway.  Every year, the huge oak tree that hangs over our driveway sheds almost every single leaf in late January/early February.  Into our yard.  It feels like Fall again and the mess on the driveway surely looks like it! Papaw was very patient as his little helper declared "I do my work with Papaw!"
I gave him our little rake and he loved using "my scraper" to move a few leaves here and there.  While the pile was growing, he realized it was a bit much for his tiny rake.

Of course, the best part is running to jump in the pile of leaves. Especially if Papaw will join him!
Usually, while he likes the idea of jumping in the leaves, he is not so fond of the feeling once he is actually in them. But, this time was different.  He LOVED it!  He wanted us to make him a bed and for Papaw to have a bed as close to his as possible!
Baby D2 joined him and liked it just as much,
although he also really wanted to taste all those leaves!
The weather was great--just cool enough to be comfortable under the pile of leaves.  I hear it's going to be getting cooler again though!
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