Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crafting With Callie - One Little Word

With a day off from work yesterday, Callie and celebrated by having our first ever "Craft Day".  She and Luke came over this morning and, with supplies spread out across the dining table, we set to work.  Both of us are participating in Ali Edwards' One Little Word class, so that is where we began.  I love that Ali encourages you to use her prompts and interpret them in your own style.  Callie's word for the year is "CHOOSE" and mine is "HOME" and we have very different styles of creativity---she tends to excel with the written word, while I prefer the visual arts to express myself.
When he wasn't helping us with our creations, Luke rolled around on the floor by the table.
For my cover page, I again used watercolors to make a simple drawing of my house.  While my goals for my word include a lot more than the physical house, it is a great visual reminder of the word.  
I included a photo of myself and a description of the reason why I am going this project this year, particularly since I never finished the project last year.
For January, we were also prompted to answer a few questions about our chosen word.  I used the watercolors to paint a wash background for each question.
I painted a wash on the other prompt page, as well, but was less than thrilled with how it turned out, even after mounting it on a piece of colored cardstock.
I added a patterned border and black zig-zag stitching and like it much better now.
Finally, we were asked to list our intentions for the year---what actions we wanted to take to bring our word into our life in a meaningful way.  I created my own page for this documentation, and cut a page protector in half lengthwise.  Strips of washi tape seal the edge.
I may be jumping the gun a bit on the OLW project, but I felt like I needed to organize my thoughts a bit more before actually getting to work on making my word a part of my life, so I made task cards listing specific tasks I want to do this year.  I plan to replace each card with a photo of the task as it is completed.  I think this will also help me to reflect on how things are going throughout the year and remind me of what's next on my list.
We had a great time on our first Craft Day and were quite productive---the only thing missing was Jana.  But, she actually was doing a little work on her own OLW project as well, with yet another wonderfully creative style!

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JJB said...

Oh yay! I love seeing it all! Inspires me to get mine photographed nicely and posted.

As I said before... I can't wait to see what you make of the year.

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