Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Highlights--with LOTS of pictures!

The Christmas holidays officially began for me at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, December 19.  (Well, technically, about 2:15 since we were able to go home a little bit early)   Because we were heading out of town as soon as Ron got off work, I already had everything packed and ready to go.   We arrived in Stephenville just in time to crawl into bed and the next day, after watching Michael and Adellelyn show off their tumbling skills, we celebrated with the rest of the family by eating and opening gifts.
We had to drive back that night because of prior commitments, but at least we were able to spend the day together.
We brought Tyler back with us, so he was able to help Callie and me in one of our more successful baking endeavors. (our holiday baking deserves a post all by itself)
Christmas Eve, after I picked up Dan, we got dressed up and went to the candlelight services at church, then came back to our house for gumbo.
We went to Callie and Jordan's house Christmas morning since it was Luke's first Christmas.  We opened most of our gifts at our house before going there, but it was fun to be together with Jordan's family and we had yummy food to eat.  Since there fireplace is non-working, they had a fire glowing on the TV screen overhead.
Later in the day, Ron and Tyler worked on one more Christmas present---a new headboard for our bed!  (They got a lot done, but it has rained almost every day since then, so we haven't been able to finish it).  We also went to the Dean's house for dessert and visiting.  Everyone was tired, as evidenced by Tyler on the stairs and Callie & Luke on the couch.  But, when we left, there was an awesome sunset---the perfect ending to Christmas Day.
And last but not least, we celebrated with Ron's sisters and parents the weekend after Christmas.  I'm new to this group, so I'm just getting to know everyone, but we participated in a "dirty Santa" game after the kids opened their gifts.   On the way home, we took an alternate route so that we could cross over the lake and see if the pelicans had made their way there.  Sure enough, they had, along with huge flocks of herons, as well.
It was a wild, busy, chaotic holiday in many ways, but it was filled with family which makes it all special.  We missed Jana and Rob so much, but are looking forward to welcoming baby B very soon!!

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