Sunday, January 25, 2015

2/52 Storytelling

This year, I am trying my hand at the M$H Project 52.  Each week, we are given a prompt to interpret as we wish through photography.  I joined the group in the second week, so I still need to go back and catch up on the first prompt, but the second week's prompt was Storytelling.  I must admit that it is extremely intimidating to see the photos that other participants post, but I am hopeful this project will help me improve my photography skills in addition to documenting my life through pictures.

For this prompt, I took a few more pictures of baby D while he was at my house one afternoon.  The challenge in this for me was capturing some sort of "story", while keeping his face hidden from view, since the photo will be posted on a private Facebook group.  The picture I chose was taken just after he'd fallen asleep.  He had been playing on a blanket on the floor and was so happy as he rolled around , holding onto his feet as he looked at books and musical toys.  Even at 5 months old, he already loves books---especially ones that he can get into his mouth.  This little book is just the right size for his tiny hands and he eventually fell asleep while looking at it.
I wish that I had thought to take pictures of my own children's hands and tiny feet when they were babies, but most of their photos were taken from afar with a low-quality pocket camera. Learning to use my DSLR is allowing me to capture moments that I never want to forget and stories that I want to always remember.

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