Saturday, January 2, 2016

Welcome 2016

It seems like just a year or so ago that we were all looking forward to the year 2000, wondering what new and exciting adventures were coming and some even worried that the world would not even exist after that.  Here were are, sixteen years later, wondering some of the same things.  The world has changed a lot since then, and so have I.

Several years ago, I gave up making New Year Resolutions and instead began focusing on a single word for the entire year.  Instead of resolving to "not do __ anymore", I now invite a word into my life throughout the year in various ways.  This year, I have chosen the word BREATHE.
I try to choose words that are broad and can be used in a variety of ways in my life and I think BREATHE fits that criteria quite nicely.  I want to focused on the literal meaning of BREATHE in my exercise and running.  It seems like breathing is the hardest part of running for me.  If I could get my breath patterns down, I would be able to run easier.
In situations that are challenging, at work and personally, I sometimes react rather than slowing down to think about my words.  This year, I want to be more intentional about changing that behavior.
I want to to take the time to BREATHE more before I respond.

2016 promises to be full of changes for me again, as I will be retiring from work at some point during the year.  BREATHE takes on yet another meaning for me when I consider what it means in that regard.

And finally, I want to invite more time in my life to BREATHE and reflect on God's word through a 52 Week Project of my own--one of Faith journaling.   I am beginning the year using a hymnal, but plan to switch to a journaling Bible at some point.  While I might do it more often, I plan to complete at least one page per week.
So there you have it--my One Little Word for 2016.  While I won't be participating in Ali Edwards' class this year (I have been a dropout the last two years), I will be using some of the same exercises on my own and might document some of my progress on here, as well.
What about you?  Have you chosen a word for the year.  If so, please share it in the comments below.

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JJB said...

Yay for breathing! Can't wait to see all the amazing things that come your way this year!
And, second, look at that great list of words!

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