Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Walk

Yesterday was the first day of Winter---it was 80 degrees here. Today, while cooler, is still very pleasant outside. After finishing my sewing projects, Emmi and I went for a walk. I took my camera along and as we walked around the neighborhood and then down to the duck pond, I took a few shots.

It seems that rather than a "silent night", this manger might be experiencing some sort of storm---"Hang on to that baby, Mary!".

A few other signs winter and the holidays:

It was so relaxing to walk and take our time, enjoying the beautiful weather and the time off from work. For the most part, the ducks all fled as we got close (I should have told them that Emmi would be much more scared of them than they were of her).

And then there were these geese---they weren't at all afraid of either of us. So we walked away before it became necessary to run.

I think we definitely need to make this more of a habit!

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JJB said...

i love that picture of the holly. its gorgeous and christmasy!

jabblog said...

It looks like a lovely day for a walk. It's a good habit to develop, too :-)

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