Sunday, December 26, 2010

Warm For Winter

For years, I've been saving t-shirts form the girl's school days--from elementary on up. During Jana's senior year of high school, I began cutting some of them up in order to make a t-shirt quilt for her to take to college. My mom was planning to do the hand sewing, handing fun embroidery stitches, etc. However, her cancer recurred that year and it soon became clear that she was not strong enough to finish the project. So, the t-shirts went back into a box and most have sat there ever since.

This year, I decided to use a few shirts to make something, um, unusual? I took seven shirts that had not been cut (from each girl's stash) and pulled out the scissors.

After sewing them into a long strip, I used embroidery thread to add a few small decorative touches.

I stitched the long edges together and finished the open ends with a blanket stitch. I hand-stitched around the whole thing to add a little more punch. The finished scarves are definitely unique, but I think they're pretty cute and hope the girls find they add just the right warmth to go with their jeans. Here's Callie's:

And here's Jana's:

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stitchT said...

That's scarf is terrific! We spend most of our days making T-shirt quilts for our customers, but your work has inspired to add this item to our arsenal!

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