Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Weekend With Friends

I should caution you that this post is pretty lengthy.  In fact, several of the next few posts will all probably be lengthy and picture-heavy, but I have some catching up to do.

Several weekends ago, Ron and I spent the weekend with Valine and Kirk.  Way back in the spring, Ron and I had discovered Chicot State Park during a visit with Dan and decided that it would a great place to return to with friends.  After making out reservation months ago, we were all excited to meet up and enjoy a relaxing time together--it really was the first time we've all taken a trip together.  

The cabin we picked was set over the water and featured floor to ceiling windows in the living/dining area (although they badly needed to be cleaned).
Saturday morning, we slept in and then sat back and relaxed while our personal chef prepared a country breakfast.
After breakfast, we showered and headed out for a hike on the trails around the lake.
We took our time, enjoying the cool weather and changing colors of the massive cypress trees.

There were French mulberries everywhere, as well as lots of interesting leaves and other berries, so there was plenty of this going on.
Near the lake, we took a few photos of ourselves.  It looks like a group prayer,
but, they were really preparing for this.
We even set up props for one of the photos! ;-)
We ended up hiking about 4.5 miles, but on the way back, we ran across a couple of people that were training for an upcoming trail run---3 laps around the lake for a total of 62 miles!!!  I cannot even fathom that!!!
Who else but Valine would run across someone she knew out in the woods!

After the hike, we stopped by the Arboretum, which was really nice!
Back at the cabin, we brought out the chips and dip while Valine's soup simmered on the stove.
Shortly after, the boys could be found watching football in the living room.  Ummmmm, make that snoozing through a football game.
Meanwhile, Valine and I spread out our scrapbook supplies on the table and set to work.  She finished up her Week In The Life scrapbook, while I put together all the base pages for my December Daily Album.
The table was still pretty messy at dinner time, so after Kirk grilled some delicious steaks, we  enjoyed them on the coffee table by firelight.
Sunday morning, brought rain and a haze that settled over the lake as we packed up and loaded the cars.  
We had an awesome time together and have decided this needs to be an annual tradition!!
Being in a beautiful place with your best friends?!?!?  It just doesn't get much better than that!!

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Vanessa said...

Wow, that looked like so much fun, so peaceful, so relaxing…I'm so jealous! :)
Glad y'all had a great time together.

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