Saturday, December 20, 2014

Santa's Workshop

December Details 2014 – Day 20 – SANTA’S WORKSHOP

If you are like me,  the last few weeks have been pretty busy as you prepare for the upcoming holiday.  Throughout the year, I purchase small gifts as I run across them, but the main “crunch” arrives the day after Thanksgiving, the time that I really get serious about getting things done.  I always try to include some hand-made gifts on my list, so there are always several projects to tackle in the days leading up to Christmas.  Last year’s SANTA’S WORKSHOP included a doll “closet” that Ron made for me to filled with clothes for Adellelyn.  I also converted one of Michael’s favorite drawings into a pillow, which was a hit with him. 

What is in SANTA’S WORKSHOP at your house?  Do you have some DIY projects left to complete or did you let Santa’s elves do your handiwork?
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