Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holy Family

December Details 2014 – Day 23 – HOLY FAMILY

Last weekend, we took a quick trip over to Stephenville, TX to be with Ron's kids and grandkids to celebrate Christmas.  We arrived late Friday night, just in time to give everyone hugs and get ready for bed.  We slept in Michael's room on a blow-up mattress and Saturday morning, we had time to visit with the kids before everyone else arrived.  As they tumbled and tussled and argued over blankets and stuffed animals, suddenly they calmed down as I draped a brown blanket over the door knobs, wrapped each of them in more fleece blankets, and handed a baby doll to Adellelyn.   They instantly knew what I was doing and dragged a doll bed over where they gathered all of their animals close by.   
Just as the kids quieted down and took their roles of Mary and Joseph very seriously the instant I placed that baby in her arms, I find a feeling of peace settling over me when I see depictions of the HOLY FAMILY.  I have several different Nativity sets and this year have placed them where I am sure that I will see them every single day so that I can be reminded to take a breath and refocus.   

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JJB said...

What a sweet, sweet picture!

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