Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tree Topper

December Details 2014 - Day 9 - TREE TOPPER
This past weekend, we were in San Antonio.  The hotel was decked out in holiday finery, which delighted all of the adults and children alike.  The large tree in the front lobby was draped in lights and tinsel and an electric train set was set up underneath.  Even the luggage carts were wrapped in bright tinsel!  Saturday morning, as I took Archer to see the lights on the tree, a young girl joined us and she oohed and aahed over how pretty everything was.  As we looked up at the TREE TOPPER, however, we both did a double-take.  There, wrapped in the angel's arms was a wicked looking jack-o-lantern!  We both looked at each other and then laughed.   (I later learned that one of the employees was playing a joke on one of the ladies that decorated it.)
What kind of TREE TOPPER do you have?  Does it have a story?  Do you use the same one year after year, or do you change your style of tree decorating from time to time?

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