Monday, October 20, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 20 - SQUIRRELS
I believe that Emmi feels her main purpose in life is to chase SQUIRRELS and birds.  At the first hint of a SQUIRREL crossing one of the power lines at the back of our yard, she dashes as fast as she can to the fence, barking the entire way.  While she could never actually reach the SQUIRRELS, her barking is enough to scare them and make them hurry along their way.   With the addition of Joy, Emmi no longer hangs her head out of the doggie door, awaiting the arrival of an unsuspecting SQUIRREL, but she still chases them.  Joy has NO idea why Emmi runs and barks, but she jumps into immediate action as well, grateful for the opportunity to nip at Emmi's ears and tail.  

We have LOTS of squirrels in our neighborhood.  Here's one that was scavenging for a little food in the birdbath.
And one that Michael drew for me.  Hmmm, from this drawing, this one seems to be in my living room
Do you have lots of squirrels where you live?   (Do you have a pet that loves to chase them?)   Perhaps you'll be in a store and run across a squirrel decoration.  Can't wait to see what you find.
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