Sunday, October 5, 2014

First the Storm and Then the Sun

Thursday was a stormy day around here---in every sense of the word.  Work was intense and storms rolled in around noon and only became more severe later in the evening.   On top of that, I received word that one of my "flea market friends" and her family were facing a terrible health crisis. It's hard to keep your mind on work when someone you care about is dealing with pain and uncertainty.

Fall arrived Friday morning, complete with cooler weather, acorns on the driveway and a beautiful, sunny sky.

Valine and Troy drove up in the afternoon and we left Shreveport early so that we could sneak in a visit with Pam and her family.  A quick dinner between hospital visits gave us a chance to hug their  necks and relax together.  

Valine, Troy and I set off to Canton bright and early Saturday morning, with long pants, jackets and shopping carts.  The skies were clear, the temperatures crisp and friends were together
With such perfect weather, we knew there would be lots of people, and sure enough, IT WAS CROWDED!!
With nothing specific in our minds to shop for, we moved out into the open air booths and enjoyed browsing without the crush of the crowds.
Troy got her favorite Jordan almonds, Valine got some pecan brittle and I finally found some kettle corn.
I picked up a few vintage books to use for scrapbook projects and a some goodies for Christmas gifts, but my favorite part about the day was being together in the wonderful weather.  Just look at the angelic halo above my head!!  :-)

When we got back home, we ate dinner and unpacked.  Have you ever wondered what happens if you drop a can of Tab that has been in a hot car all day?!??!?!  It explodes!  Onto EVERY surface of your kitchen!   And makes everyone nearby break down in laughter.
Except possibly the guy who is willing to clean it up.  And now that I look at the picture, I think he must have been trying to earn his "angel wings" as well.  :-)
This evening, Ron and I went down to the Red River Revel.  I needed to check in with the office to see if there were any graphics that needed attention (there were) and then we had time to walk around a little and to eat dinner.
We thoroughly enjoyed the crawfish tails and the entertainment--Black Violin was awesome.
As we walked back to our car, the sky put on a pretty spectacular show as well.
Just like the weather---first the storm and then the sun---I'm praying that Pam's family soon finds the sun shining again brightly in their lives and that healing is on its way!  Love you, Pam!
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