Thursday, October 2, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 2 - DOODLES
Once a month, I am required to attend meetings as the Lead Teacher for our department.  These meetings are held to keep us informed of new policies and regulations regarding special education procedures in our parish.  Lead teachers at each school are responsible for relaying information to the other teachers and seeing that paperwork is turned in time.  While this is all important stuff, most of what is discussed at these meetings is geared towards upper grades and very little applies to the field of Preschool.  So, I DOODLE.  Alot!
You don't have to be artistic to DOODLE and you certainly don't need any special equipment.  All that is needed is a writing implement of some sort and a writing surface.  (Remember those wooden desks back in high school that everyone DOODLED on??)   Are you stuck in a meeting today?  Or perhaps you're on "hold" on the phone and have a minute or two to DOODLE.  Perhaps someone else's DOODLES catch your eye.
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