Monday, October 27, 2014


Fall FUN - Day 27 - CARVING
Ron loves knives.  I guess it's a guy thing that I don't completely understand, but it doesn't matter if it is large or small, a display of knives will always get his attention.  (I guess he doesn't really understand my fascination with fabric either, for that matter).   When we were in Alaska, there were several opportunities to browse fancy knives.  In the end, I purchased this beautiful scrimshaw knife as a gift for Ron and he was thrilled.  I don't know if he will actually use it to do any CARVING, but he loves it just the same.

October is the perfect time for pumpkin CARVING.   With no young children here, I most likely won't do any CARVING this year, but I'll be on the lookout today for something that captures the prompt.  What about you?
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