Saturday, October 4, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 4 - CRISP
When I was young, I took piano lessons from Mrs. Wideman every week.  My mother would drop me off at her house a few minutes early and I would sit in her sunroom awaiting my turn.  I still remember the louvered window panels and the plants that were sitting on the end tables.  And to this day, when I hear certain songs, I remember that room.  Our senses are powerful.   A variety of memories can be evoked from a simple smell, image or sound.  

When I think of Fall/Autumn, the sound that comes to my mind is that of leaves under my feet, CRISP and crunchy.  When I'm taking a walk, I will even get way "out of step" just to step on leaves that look like they might be especially CRISP and crunchy!  These leaves look so CRISP and ready to be crunched under my feet.
What does the word CRISP bring to your mind?   Is it a feeling?   a Food?

Remember to tag your photos with the hashtag #FallFUN2014 and check out what the other participants are posting.  It's always fun to make a new Instagram friend!
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