Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 21 - BLACK
The color BLACK has always been associated with things that are sinister---remember the guys in the BLACK cowboy hats were always the bad guys.  Sinister or spooky.   Of course, BLACK and orange are the Halloween colors, but these days, BLACK is also important in fashion due to their slimming nature and "go-with-everything" function.  While I don't have a "little BLACK dress", BLACK pants are definitely a staple in my closet.  I also think of BLACK birds during this time of year---from the crows in the cornfield to the grackles and red-winged-blackbirds that visit my bird feeder.
What do you think of that is associated with the color BLACK?   Do you have a favorite BLACK item in your wardrobe or something a little bit more sinister?

We're on the downhill slide to finish out this month.  I've enjoyed the challenge and seeing what each of you post.  I will probably do something for November, just because it helps me to be more conscious of my surroundings.  Let me know if you are interested and I'll send out some simple prompts.

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