Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Who is Training Who?

At the beginning of July, Ron and I signed the dogs up for Obedience Training.   Years ago, when Emmi was a young puppy, she and I went to training, but we finished the course knowing that she needed to go back at some point.  If you've ever met Emmi, you know that, well, obedience training didn't "take" on her.   (Gee, I sure don't remember wearing that band around our arms.)
Time sort of got away from us, but with the addition of Joy to our family, it seemed like a good opportunity for both dogs to learn----okay, okay. . .  for both of the humans to learn.  The class consists of about 10-12 dogs and Emmi is the only small dog.  Joy is the next smallest.  There are a couple of Great Danes, a German shepherd, a Portuguese Water Dog, a boxer, a large hound dog, and a couple of other herding dogs.  I can't get a picture of all of them together, because some are not yet very social.
At first, Emmi seemed fairly advanced in the group since she already knew how to sit on command.
But, as the weeks have rolled by, she might have plateaued, as they say.  Last night's class of staying seated while I circle around her?   Well, let's just say that as I circled, so did she.

Joy, on the other hand, is really beginning to catch on.  She began the month, leaping through the air after Ron, hoping to snatch a treat from his hands.  But, slowly she is learning that the leash is not so bad.
And she is now walking on the leash, staying, and even sitting on her own at times.
It is really hot in there, though, so it's always nice to take a break and walk outside.
And both of the dogs (and their humans) enjoy the A/C in the car on the way home!   How's this for a little static electricity?!?!

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