Sunday, July 27, 2014

Front Yard Intervention

By the time summer arrived, our front flowerbeds were in need of some serious re-hab!  We'd worked so hard getting the backyard into shape that the front had been neglected.  You can see what I'm talking about in this July 4th photo-----San Augustine grass was taking over.

Then the heat arrived and the thought of working outdoors was less than appealing.    But, a couple of weeks ago, a cool front came through, giving us the push we needed to get started out front.
The first bed was fairly easy to complete since it didn't have that many weeds or grass growing up in it.
The other bed, however, was a different story.   The heat returned, but we were determined.  We borrowed the neighbor's tiller and set to work, with a fan on the porch and bluetooth speakers playing our playlists.
Because the San Augustine was all mixed deep into the liriope and as my friend Pam W said, "the roots go to China", I elected to just dig it up and and start over with new plants.
After a mere two days, three (or possibly four) trips to Lowe's to purchase additional supplies weed control fabric, plants or bricks, we finished!  
Next project:  to sand down and paint all the metal-work on the front porch.   Hmmm--maybe that can wait till the fall?

Please excuse me while I go hold a baby!

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JJB said...

Looking good! Amazing what a little hard work can do :)

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