Monday, July 28, 2014

Back To The Fourth

I know I've been jumping all over the place chronologically, but as I was preparing to make a photo book for the grandkids, I realized that there was a whole batch of photos I'd never edited or shared with you from the July 4th weekend.  So here they are.  

On that Sunday afternoon, the boys went fishing while the girls hung out at the house for a while.   Adellelyn, Jexie and Kayonna watched movies and such, while Carmelle and I talked.  It was a good time to continue getting to know one another better---to hear more about our own histories and struggles, as well as some of our hopes and dreams as mamas.   Mid-afternoon, we went out to meet the guys and to give the girls a chance to fish as well.  The guys met us at the fishing pier.
Unfortunately, poor Kay unknowingly put her hand on a huge red wasp nest that was hidden under the edge of one of the rails and those angry wasps stung her several times on her hand/wrist.
While Carmelle took her to get some Benadryl, (and chocolate, because it really does make things better) the other kids began fishing from the end of the pier.
It was oh so hot and nobody was catching much of anything.
Kay was a pro at baiting her own hook.
Jexie was a bit grossed about by the whole thing.
Naturally, Michael stayed busy looking for frogs.
And Adellelyn soon joined him.
It's obvious that they get that tendency naturally, since their daddy decided to try his hand at noodling before we left (with no luck, I might add).
Once home, we all enjoyed dinner and watermelon before retreating to the cool indoors.
Ron had to work Monday, so I took everyone to Krispy Kreme before they packed up and headed home.
What a crazy, busy, chaotic, fun weekend we had!

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