Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Nudge

Have you ever felt it before?  You know, that nudge that tells you you're supposed to be doing something.  It's different from that "I feel like I've forgotten something" feeling that I get every so often as I head out to work.  This one comes after reading an article, or meeting someone, or seeing a picture. Often when I get that nudge, I ignore it completely--hoping it will go away, because I know that if I allow it more time, I'll get totally caught up in it.

I've been feeling it again lately.  If I'm honest, that's probably one reason I picked my "word" this year---GROW.  I've been feeling that I'm supposed to be doing something--something more.  And by that, I don't really think it is supposed to be "more busy", but I DO think it is supposed to be "more depth."  As the year began, I had no idea what direction that was supposed to take.  Was it supposed to be more honest conversations?   More studying?  More _(fill in the blank)__?    Perhaps all of the above?

Lately, though, it seems to be becoming more clear.  Not the "what" or "how", but at least the direction. Perhaps this particular "nudge" began a couple of years ago when a group of my friends read and discussed the book Half The Sky.  Or maybe it was when, only a few weeks later, I re-connected and then married a man who chose to take a stand against trafficking.  That stand came at a great price for him--he knew that it would mean not only the loss of his current job, but the chance that he would never work in that city again.  Then, over the past few weeks, the nudges have come in the form of random conversations with a co-worker, a tour of a local service agency, an interaction with a client in our church food pantry last Saturday that has haunted me all week,  and then today, a blog post by someone I admire.   I didn't get to fully explore the post until this evening, and by then it was too late to participate in marking my hand with a red "x", but it certainly gave me a lot to think about.

At this point, I am not really sure what role I am being prompted to take, but Karen's post gave me a starting point--educating myself on the subject and how it manifests itself both overseas and here locally.    If you are interested in learning more along with me, here are a couple of the places to begin.
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