Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Day 2014

Yesterday afternoon, when reports of widespread "wintry weather" was forecast, our local school system cancelled classes for today.  I was thrilled!! In fact, you probably could have heard the Caddo teachers' shout of "hooray" all the way to East Texas without any trouble.  I know that it causes huge problems for working parents (and particularly because Bossier school did not close despite EVERY other neighboring parish canceling classes), but I believe safe rather than sorry is always a good policy.  Besides, we have the days built into our schedule anyway.  However, the only clue that it was winter this morning was in my birdbath.

Joy enjoyed the freedom of not being in her kennel this morning and after chasing Emmi around outdoors for a while.  In fact, she got so excited that she followed her inside--right through the doggie door!

It wasn't long until she'd also mastered going out and preferred staying outside watching the birds and exploring the backyard.

With no icy roads in sight.  I was able to run a few errands before settling in back at home to complete a few more projects.   When I pulled out my Mardi Gras decorations a few weeks ago, I couldn't believe how awful this wreath looked (to my credit, I haven't used it in several years because it was so bad).

Time for a makeover!   I took everything off, then rearranged, fluffed and re-glued to spruce it up a little bit.  Although not perfect, this is much better.

Instead of one particular Valentine gift for Ron, this year I decided to give him a small token of some sort each day to make it a "Valentine Week".  Yesterday, I made small stickers to put on his favorite fruit---bananas and oranges.  

Without saying a word, I just placed them all in the fruit bowl on the counter for him to find when he got home from work.

Today's gift is one that I made for the ladies in my office, as well.  I filled clear "pretzel bags" with Valentine peanut M&M's and stapled a tag to the top.  Here are their bags:
and Ron's bags:

Tomorrow, I will be hanging this 5x7 picture frame in our bathroom, along with some whiteboard markers so that I can leave him reminders from time to time.

And on Thursday (we're celebrating Thursday evening since we'll be going out of town on Friday), I will give him this box.

Originally, I'd planned to make something like this---a box made from a vintage book.  I thought it would be a great place to keep special cards and letters.
Better Homes & Gardens

But, so far, I have been unable to find the "right" book--one that is pretty, yet large enough to hold cards.  When I found the pre-made box at Joann's, I decided to adapt my original idea.
I glued an envelope to the inside of the lid and inserted a Valentine card.

Just about the time I completed all my projects, the wintry weather rolled in this afternoon.    It sleeted and snowed and after just a short time, it actually began sticking!

Joy loved being outside in it.  

Emmi, not so much!
When Ron got home, he took both dogs out to play for a minute---Emmi didn't stay long!

I think that Joy had the best idea for this snow day!

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JJB said...

I love those pictures of Joy with the snow on her head!

I, too, have an unfinished box that I keep love letters and cards... however, mine is still unfinished! Maybe someday I'll get around to that project!

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