Sunday, February 9, 2014


Meet  Joy, the newest member of our family . . .

Ron picked her up yesterday and we already love her!

After being the only dog around here most of the time, Emmi is not so wild about her.

Right now, she is bigger than Joy and able to outrun her  fairly easily.  Good thing, because she follows Emmi everywhere!

What a sweet bundle of fur!!

Welcome home, Joy!

P. S.  Have you ever had that moment when, at the end of a long day (AFTER attending a party with 100 of our closest running buddies--lol), when your husband says--"Do you have your shirt on backwards"??  What?!?!?!?   Yes, and there were large pockets that were SUPPOSED TO be in the front!!   I can only hope that if Ron didn't notice, then surely no one else did either?  I hope?!?!
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Sandra said...

Had to laugh at your backwards shirt story considering I went around all day Saturday with a different tennis shoe on each foot! At least they were both gray. Little Joy is so cute.

JJB said...

Totally sounds like something I would do... I realized halfway through today that my belt was twisted in the back!

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