Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Best Things In Life

Last weekend was crazy busy and totally exhausting, but, it was filled with the best of things---grandkids!   And we are are so lucky that we were able to be with them.  First up was Michael and Adellelyn's birthday party that we attended Saturday afternoon.   The lighting in this place was really awful, so my pictures are far from perfect, but it was loads of fun for the kids and that we have plenty of memories of the day.

Jaylynn, Terry and Archer came up from Kerrville, so we were able to spend some sweet time with them in the morning before the party.

The kids had their party at the Texas Twisters gym, where they both take gymnastics.  The adults watched for a while from the lobby,

but soon joined the kids in the gym.

It's amazing to me how fearless both of these kids are!  I was scared to death to try things like this, but they seem to have no fear--

and in fact, are quite good at it.

Of course, once you watch their daddy, you see where they get that daredevil spirit.

After playing hard for a while, it was time for cake.

And then it was time to open presents.  They both got tons of goodies, but Ady was especially excited about receiving a set of color-changing mermaids!  

While Michael loved the book his parents made that contained many of his favorite drawings.

Each of the kids had their own pinata, which they opened with help from their friends.

The birthday party was just the beginning of a great, grandkid-filled weekend, but it was a great start.

By the way, want to see the Valentines that Carmelle and Chad gave to Ron and I?   Huge boxes of chocolate candy with likenesses of "us" on the front----well almost like us.   ;-)   (sorry so blurry---but some things are better blurry)

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