Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day #2---For the Birds

Snow Day #1 was filled with errands, household chores and Valentine projects.  Snow Day #2----a day for the birds!   Right now, it is noon and I haven't done a single chore or project!  Yay me!!  In fact, I'm still sporting this stylish look right now (and may keep it all day long)--that's right, PJ's and boots!!

The temperature is still below freezing, but things are beginning to melt around here.  The icicles hanging form the eaves are dripping and every leak in our metal patio cover has been revealed.

This morning, I bundled up in my robe and ventured out onto the deck for a while.

Of course, I LOVED watching the birds that were flocking around our birdfeeder.

The different species of birds were co-existing pretty nicely

until the woodpecker appeared.

Being somewhat of a bully, he first chased away the sparrows,

then turned his attention to the red-winged blackbird.

Ahhhh!  Free to eat alone now!

A little later, a dove came

and then another cardinal (my favorite picture).

And just because there is nothing better to do on a snow day than relax and "play", here is an artistic twist to this cardinal--I faded the background and added a watercolor filter.

I hope you enjoy your Wednesday as much as I've enjoyed mine!

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