Saturday, October 15, 2011


Yesterday, Callie and Jordan drove down to Cheneyville to pick up Dan for me while I went to work and then therapy. They ran into a few "hitches", but made it back safely and I soooo appreciate their help---that means just one round-trip for me this weekend.

This morning, after breakfast, we headed up to the church to work in the food pantry. Business was slow, which I guess is a good thing, but we managed to keep ourselves fairly busy loading groceries and carrying them out. This afternoon, the Elliotts joined us north of town at the Country Fun Corn Maze. The weather was great, although a little hot, and there was quite a crowd at the farm.

After a quick picture, we tackled the first maze.

With Dan leading the way, we ventured into the second maze. This one was much more challenging with lots of twists and turns. Let's just say that we back-tracked more than once----or at least I think we did. Every corner looks just like the one before it.

Anna burned out fairly early in the second maze and slipped out one of the emergency exits to wait for us on the outside.

The rest of us persevered and we made it out, too.

After a refreshing drink and brief rest, we loaded onto the wagons for a ride out to the pumpkin patches. We traded our wooden nickel tokens for the opportunity to pick our own pumpkins.

This year, the crop is a few weeks behind schedule due to the drought,

so instead of orange pumpkins, we brought back green ones.

Supposedly, we can wipe them with lemon juice and place them in direct sunlight to facilitate a change in color.

The highlight of the trip for Dan definitely came at the end. The very end. In fact, I thought that everyone was going to have to leave except the two of us. Prior to the pumpkin patch jaunt, we'd spotted a guy with a really large snake that Dan wanted to talk to. I assured him that we would find him after the pumpkins, but when we got back, he was no where to be found. FINALLY, Dan spotted him

and we took a few pictures with the 50 pound albino Burmese Python.

I didn't hold him --- I volunteered to take pictures. :-)-- but Dan will be talking about this for months!!

It was a really nice day----a bit hot, but otherwise great. And it was fun to have a chance to try out my new camera (on auto for now).

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JJB said...

sounds like an adventure-packed day!

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