Saturday, October 1, 2011

Junkin’ Jaunt

The first weekend in October usually brings a trip with Valine to

our favorite Flea Market, the Canton Trade Days.


Yesterday, Troy, Valine and I got up extra early and drove over

for a day of browsing and dreaming. The drive over brought some

sobering sights as we saw acres of burned forests and grass from

the wildfires that have been so rampant in East Texas.



The weather could not have been any more perfect---while quite

warm in the late afternoon, the morning was cool and there was a

breeze all day long. Being outdoors under the blue skies with

good friends was wonderful!


Valine spied one of her first purchases as we were strolling along

the main road. This great wicker chaise will be so pretty on her

front porch. It makes me want to curl up with a good book---

(maybe that new “Castle” book?)


It wasn’t long until Troy found her first purchase, too. While it

wasn’t our typical flea market purchase, we certainly got plenty of

laughs out of the light-up sign that she picked up for her daughter’s



We had so much fun together. I picked up a few small items (but

have absolutely no pictures of them) and we enjoyed walking and

talking and being together.


Happy Junking!!


P. S. I’m experimenting with Windows Live Writer so I may try

a few different fonts and formats in the next few posts, so bear

with me.

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JJB said...

as always looks like fun... can't wait to hear about your purchases.

im liking the font, especially for posts like this, with short captions, rather than long text. (i might left justify it, but that's just my personal preference :)

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