Friday, October 14, 2011

Insta Friday

Wrapping up the week, I have a few instagram photos from the last couple of days. I'll be linking up over at Life Rearranged again so why don't you join us.
My newest wrist "contraption". Not sure exactly how this stuff works, but it seems to be helping the swelling a bit and giving me a little support in the most painful spots. Kinesio-tape---oh how I love thee!

The Head Start Center I work with celebrated this week with a balloon send-off. Unfortunately, preschoolers + letting balloons fly away = lots of tears ( I could have told them that)
The balloons were pretty though, as they floated through the air.
up . . .
UP . . .
AND AWAY!!! . . .
Toms and TV--perfect.
I've switched back to Blogger for writing my posts. Live Writer just seemed too cumbersome to me---I'm fairly proficient on Blogger and was having to look up every little step on Live Writer, which just wasn't worth it.
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JJB said...

I just read an article in Rob's cycling magazine about Kinesiotape. Hope it helps!

I love a good balloon photo... and you were able to snap off three.

Love, J

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