Saturday, October 8, 2011



I’m loving the free photo templates that I picked up over at Pugly Pixel

She does some really fun stuff and it’s great that she offers so many for

free.  I liked the colors she used for blocking, so this time I let some

of them show around the edges.  Here’s my weekend (or at least part of

it) in Instagram.  I’m linking up over at Life Rearranged.

InstaWeekend10-8-11 copy

1.  Yet another parent conference---several this week. 2. Butterfly found

on the steps of the church   3.  Railroad tracks downtown  4. There seems

to be have been some sort of miscommunication with the groomer when

I asked for Emmi’s ears to be a little shorter.  Hope all the other dogs aren’t laughing.

InstaWeekendQuoteandPictures10-8-11 copy

1.  Red River Revel- Saturday was closing day.  2.  Train bridge

over the Red River

InstaWalkToDuckPond1082011 copy

1.  Callie met Emmi and I for a walk to the duck pond  2.  Gabe can’t

quite keep up with the bumper crop of acorns falling on my driveway

3.  Beautiful blue skies  4.  Emmi keeping a close eye on the ducks

InstaZombiePictures1082011 copy

1.  Parking meters downtown  2.  Callie and I passed out flyers for the

upcoming CROP walk at this afternoon’s Zombie Walk.  This was definitely

the tiniest Zombie  3. And this was the tallest Zombie, thanks to his stilts. 

Who knew there were so many people that like to dress as Zombies?!

4.  Large mushrooms in the grass near our sidewalk

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JJB said...

that little zombie is so cute! no pics of the offending red hots?

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