Saturday, April 24, 2010

Round Robin -- Anything in Threes

It's time for another Round Robin Challenge. I've missed the last couple of challenges because life just gets in the way sometimes, so it's great to be playing again. This time the theme was to capture a trio of photos of the same topic. Be sure to catch the other Robins and their "threes" over here. First up, the duck pond near my house.

Next, some really photogenic preschoolers at the one of the Head Start Centers I serve.

And finally, three shots of the Grancy Graybeard tree that is fluttering in the breeze in my front yard.

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jabblog said...

Wonderful shots! Your tree is so graceful and the name is fabulous - I've never heard of this tree before.

Sherrie said...

Hi Linda,
Great shots! The duck pond looks like a great place to relax. The kids are cuties. The tree looks so delicate. Have a great day!

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sunflowerkat321 said...

What a gorgeous pond. I'll bet it's beautiful any time of year.

Those kids are real cuties!!

I've never heard of that kind of tree but I'd sure like to see one. Is it fragrant? I imagine it to be.

Carly said...

Hi Linda :)

Very nicely done! I like the park, it looks like a wonderful place to escape to. :) So green and quiet looking! The kids are just precious! And finishing it off with the green leaves is a nice way to close the entry. So lovely.


Monica said...

The pond looks like a wonderful place to go and kick back a bit or to go and play with your camera. =) The children are adorable. =) And the tree is lovely, I've never heard of that kind before.

Monica said...

I tried to comment a few minutes ago and everything froze on the computer so I'm not sure if it's pending your approval or if it honestly didn't go through. Hopefully this won't be a repeat! =)

I was intriqued by the tree, I've never heard of it before, very graceful looking. The pond looks like a place I'd like to kick back and relax or go out with my camera. =) The children, well they are simply adorable!

Gattina said...

Very nice pictures, the kids are also so cute !

Scrabblequeen said...

Love your threes, especailly the river shots.

Jama said...

Looks like a wonderful place to be, so serene and peaceful!
Love that flower shot, never seen those before.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Sorry for the delay in checking these out. You have a nice variety of subject here, all beautifully executed. Well done!

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