Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Full Bloom

Here in the South, you know Spring is in full swing when yards are decked out in various shades of pink and white. It usually starts around Easter, when families pose for pictures in public gardens filled with azaleas. This year, they are bursting out in full bloom this week and my front flower bed is filled with coral, pink and white.

My favorites are what I call "Peppermint Azaleas" that were purchased in a grocery store---a greenhouse variety that are not supposed to be able to live outdoors in gardens. But, don't tell mine, because the bush that began in a 4 inch pot is now about 6 feet in diameter and almost as tall. By this weekend, not a leaf will be in sight--hidden by the full blossoms.

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JJB said...

I keep checking mine, but no blooms yet--I hope I didn't kill them over the past year. I have the brownest thumb ever-- that is, if brown is the opposite of green.

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