Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Hunt Is On!

My brother, Dan, spent Easter with me this year. I picked him up from his group home on Friday and we enjoyed dinner with Callie & Jordan and friends, Carol & Ron at my favorite neighborhood spot, Rollin' In the Dough. Despite predictions of severe weather, it never materialized and we were able to get a little work done in my back yard on Saturday morning (one of Dan's favorite things to do when he visits is to "help me" work outside). So while I worked, he and Emmi had a grand ole time!! Emmi especially loved his freshly shaved head and proceeded to lick it clean as he rolled around on the ground!! No wonder she loves him so much!!!

Then, in the afternoon, Dan discovered his first clue to the scavenger hunt I'd prepared for him.

(Clue #1 on his mini stereo)

At first, he wasn't exactly sure what to think about the event, but it only took a few minutes for him to begin chuckling and smiling as we drove from place, (getting the second clue from Ron, down the street)

to place, (walking the track at Shreve Island Elementary)

to place, (Reading the next clue)

to place, (picked up a clue and treat at Rollin' In The Dough)

to place, (looking under a bench at the Noel Community Garden)

performing tasks and figuring out clues as he gathered treats.
The final basket was waiting for him at Callie & Jordan's house, (asking Callie "Do you have something for me?")

and he seemed tickled by the whole process, exclaiming "That was fun!!" I did, too!
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