Friday, December 18, 2009

A Confession

Almost 2 months ago, Jana and I met in Dallas for a wedding. Between festivities, we made a trip to Hobby Lobby and Jana purchased a large, ceramic Fork and Spoon to hang in her kitchen. She'd been waiting to buy them because they were a bit pricey, but that day they were on sale for 50% off. The plan was for me to take them to my house (since she couldn't take them back on the plane) and she would pick them up when they come for Christmas. In the meantime, I would pick up the matching knife at my Hobby Lobby. All was well with that plan and the fork and spoon rode around in my car for weeks as I searched for the now sold-out knife. Thinking that I should finally clean out my car and move the pair inside to a safer location, I picked them up and promptly dropped the fork on the driveway, breaking off three tines. (I'd show you a picture of it, but it actually now looks obscene) In desperation, I searched every Hobby Lobby that I've come in contact with since (which is only 2, but ...), looked online and even called friends in other cities to check theirs. Apparently, that was fall merchandise and they are no longer available. I hated to tell Jana that she now only had a spoon to hang in her kitchen.

Yesterday, as I was leaving for work, my eyes settled on the pair once again and I resolved to confess to Jana this weekend. So, Jana, I broke your fork. Sorry.

But, after work yesterday, I made a stop at Hobby Lobby for a skein of yarn and as I walked to the checkout line, lo and behold, there were the newly stocked utensils!!!!! Hooray!!! All is well with the dinnerware once again and I can't wait to hand them over to Jana--intact!
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